Carpets can be troublesome to clean and are susceptible ┬áto all sorts of stains. Professional carpet cleaners do a wonderful job, but they can be expensive if used on a regularly. You don’t have to depend on them anymore as there are tonnes of solutions available in your household to tackle your carpet disasters.


DetergentsUsing liquid detergents, powdered detergent or laundry detergents can all come in handy when dealing with stained carpets. The process is easy; just add your detergent to warm water and scrub your carpet using a cloth or sponge. Use another dry cloth to mop it and don’t forget to vacuum the residue. Your result – a fresh smelling, sparkling carpet!

Another way of using detergents is by adding it in your professional cleaning machine or steam machine. Powdered detergents usually foam when used whereas laundry detergents don’t. Both ingredients prove to be excellent cleaning agents and eradicate odours as well.


VinegarAdding vinegar to carpet shampoos by itself and in steam machines has made a big entry in carpet cleaning. stains and spills should be removed immediately after they occur. Dip a cloth in diluted vinegar and place it over the stain. Scrub gently as rough over scrubbing can damage the carpet’s fibres. This is a good time to check for colour fastness – the colour of your rug or carpet would bleed onto your cloth. If so, then refrain from using this or any solution that does the same. After the liquid is absorbed by the carpet you can vacuum over it to get rid of the residue.

This popular antiseptic and antibacterial ingredient can be stored as a spray and used on synthetic carpets. It works as a natural deodorant too. During the cleaning process the floor may smell of vinegar but once dried you will notice how the stain disappears and the smell too. If your carpet is in a high traffic area, great news, vinegar is completely harmless to babies and pets.

Hot water extraction method

hot water carpet cleaningThis effective popular method involves placing the solution mixed with hot water on the stain and then suctioned by a high motor vacuum cleaner or professional cleaning machine.

Vacuuming your carpet three to four times a week helps keeping away the residue that attracts dirt and dust . When renting or buying always pick a powerful vacuum motor as they work best. Remember to change your dirt bag regularly and check for blockages.

Before trying a cleaning method always test a stain in an inconspicuous corner of your home and observe it for a couple of hours or better yet overnight.

If all fails, professionals can always be called to the rescue. You no longer have to feel threatened by stains. If your kids have entered the house with muddy feet followed by your mud covered pet or a guest has spilled a drink on your favourite rug, you can now face those stains with a smile.